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Smit Jethwa

Pythoner | Voice Developer | NLP Enthusiast

Coding is the game I play in the arena called IDE ✨

About me

Full Name: Smit Pratap Jethwa
Phone: +91 8767973888

I am an Undergrade Engineering student (currently in Final year), who is highly intersted in developing stuff! I like to code in Python and JS. I've developed many actions on Google Assistant and exploring more in VUI development and GCP. Apart from this, I'm a Machine Learning and NLP enthusiast and contributing towards TensorFlow UserGroup Mumbai as a co-organizer.

#Python #ActionsOnGoogle #DialogFlow #NLP #MachineLearning #Firebase #CompetitiveProgramming #Database


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My First DevFest as a Speaker✨

The first time you give a speech on a level as grand as Google DevFest is surely meant to be a special moment....

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Dialogflow Terminologies

In this blog, I'll explain you terminologies used in Dialogflow.
Agent, Intent, Entity, Fulfillment, Integration

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Manage Inputs in Dialogflow

Hello AoG Devs!
In this post, I'll explain you how to take inputs from the user in Dialogflow and perform an action.

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☁ Cloud Firestore with Actions on Google - Part 1/2

This is part one of Cloud Firestore with Actions on Google Series, in this part I will show you how to store data in Cloud Firestore.☁

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☁ Cloud Firestore with Actions on Google - Part 2/2

In this little tutorial, I’ll show you how to read information from a Cloud Firestore and use it to dynamically generate responses for DialogFlow fulfillment.